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About Deliciously Raw Deli

Raw food for foodies

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Deliciously Raw Deli is the marketplace for delicious, innovative and creative raw food for those who are seeking a plant-based unprocessed lifestyle – with a sprinkling of culinary indulgence.

Raw Chef Deborah Durrant, founder of Deliciously Raw, is a leading creative talent in raw food. The Deli showcases products made with boutique recipes created by Deborah. Artisan-made in our Deliciously Raw Kitchen and prepared with passion by hand.

The food we make is entirely plant-based using ‘real’ wholefood ingredients that are organic and ethically sourced, where possible. It is activated and prepared at low temperatures (below 42C) to preserve all the enzymes to ensure that it is not only delicious, but also nutrient-rich.

We love kale, but we don’t want it in everything. Raw food doesn’t need to be a diet of strictness and abstinence, and we prefer it to be a lifestyle of plenty.

This is definitely raw food for foodies.